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Alleluia - Julia Lezhneva (soprano) Il Giardino Armonico, Giovanni Antonini

Носитель: 1 CD

Издатель: Decca Classics
Издатель: Universal Music Group

Alleluia - Julia Lezhneva (soprano) Il Giardino Armonico, Giovanni Antonini (2013)

Каталожный номер: CDVP 552755

Цена: 1299р.
под заказ - доставка 3-12 недели. только по предоплате.
Дорогие Друзья и любители музыки! Рады Вас поздравить с приближающимися Рождественскими и Новогодними праздниками.

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C Новым Годом и Рождеством !!!

Продолжительность: 1 час 1 минута


Gramophone Magazine
Editor's Choice - May 2013

Presto Disc of the Week
1st April 2013

композиторГендель Георг Фридрих ~ Моцарт Вольфганг Амадей (Иоганн Хризостом Вольфганг Теофил) ~ Порпора Николо Антонио Джачинто ~ Вивальди Антонио Лучо
дирижерАнтонини Джованни
исполнительЛежнева Юлия, сопрано
ансамбльIl Giardino Armonico
жанрАрии / Концертные арии / Вокальные миниатюры ~ Духовная музыка (Страсти, Мессы, Реквиемы и т.д.)
фирмаDecca Classics ~ Universal Music Group
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XXX4 ноября 2013


александр10 мая 2013

Для тех, кто любит небольшие голоса, Чечилию Бартоли и барокко. Техника Лежневой - что-то совершенно неординарное. Этот диск лучше, чем диск с ариями Россини.

Рецензии в СМИ

BBC Music Magazine
May 2013


Lezhneva is at her most accomplished [in the Mozart], providing spirited and focused vocalism, running up and down the scales with effortless abandon and to fine effect. Elsewhere there are occasional deficiencies, including high notes slightly wide of the mark...Yet the precision and determination Lezhneva bring to Vivaldi's In furore...is remarkable...the period-instrument orchestra sounds fesity under Giovanni Antonini.

The Independent
12th April 2013
a singer of uncommon ability and vivacity...Il Giardino Armonico provide apt support throughout: their dashing, frothy strings offer a syllabub-light bed for her glass-like clarity and poise

Gramophone Magazine
May 2013
a voice of bell-like purity, even throughout its compass, immaculately fluent in coloratura...Though Il Giardino Armonico's punchy, adrenaline-fuelled playing may disconcert some in Mozart, they vividly complement a singer who rivals the young Bartoli in high-octane virtuosity

The Times
14th June 2013


[Alleluia] certainly showcases her unusual status as a Russian coloratura specialist, and one who trills and leaps with enviable cleanliness and clarity...She sings sweetly, with trills effortlessly folded in like sparkling jewels, and four top Ds easily scaled...Lezhneva’s voice, however, still seems a work in progress.

Presto Classical
1st April 2013
The purity of her voice has been much vaunted in the press, but this is no vibrato-free, pseudo-treble sound: there’s a warmth and sensuality to the timbre, and she treats repeated text with insight and imagination that never descends into mannerism...This is a real Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman, and I can’t wait to see where she’ll go next!

Рецензия от издателя

Still in her early twenties, Lezhneva astounds audiences wherever she sings. Praised for her Pure Tone (Opernwelt) and flawless technique (Guardian), her brief appearance at the 2010 Classical Brits in London, at the invitation of Kiri Te Kanawa, was the talk of the evening, and since then her career has rocketed.
She already has a large following since her solo Rossini album for Naive charted in many European countries including # 1 in the French Classical Charts and was showered with great reviews and accolades including Diapason d or de l annee Jeune talent, Gramophones Editors Choice and MDR CD des Jahres.

Рецензия от издателя

The vocal sensation everyone’s talking about – Russian soprano Julia Lezhneva – makes her Decca solo debut with a celebratory disc of motets from Vivaldi, Handel, Porpora and Mozart, partnered by one of the world’s leading early music ensembles, Il Giardino Armonico, conducted by Giovanni Antonini.

Praised for her “pure tone” (Opernwelt) and “flawless technique” (Guardian), Lezhneva’s career has skyrocketed since her brief but extraordinary appearance at the 2010 Classical BRIT Awards in London, at the invitation of her mentor, Dame Kiri Te Kanawa. “Few young singers have been as widely celebrated so early in their careers as Kiri Te Kanawa’s protegé, the . . . Russian soprano Julia Lezhneva”, wrote The Independent. Dame Kiri recently added her voice to the critical consensus, observing that “from time time to time a really outstanding talent appears and I believe that Julia Lezhneva is just that. The brilliance of her voice and technique are extremely impressive.”

Track Listings

    1. Aria: In furore iustissimae irae
    2. Recitativo: Miserationum Pater piissime
    3. Aria: Tunc meus fletus
    4. Alleluia
    5. Aria: Saeviat tellus inter rigores
    6. Recitativo: Carmelitarum ut confirmet ordinem
    7. Aria: O nox dulcis, quies serena
    8. Aria: Stellae fidae vobis sit cura
    9. Recitativo: Sub tantae Virginis tutela
    10. Aria: Alleluia
    11. In caelo stelle clare fulgescant
    12. Recitativo: Exsulta, exsulta o cor!
    13. Care Deus cordis amantis
    14. Alleluia
    15. Exsultate, jubilate
    16. Recitativo: Fulget amica dies
    17. Tu virginum corona
    18. Alleluia

1) Фрагменты не являются трек-листом и носят ознакомительный характер
2) Качество представленных фрагментов уступает оригиналу


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