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PINK FLOYD - The Dark Side Of The Moon

Носитель: Super Audio CD

Носитель: 1 SACD

Издатель: EMI Records

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PINK FLOYD - The Dark Side Of The Moon (2003)

Каталожный номер: CDVP 280242

Цена: 4499 руб
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Продолжительность: 1 час 26 минут

Ограничение по возрасту: G — Допускаются зрители всех возрастов

исполнитель / группаPink Floyd
фирмаEMI Records

Рецензия от издателя

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of this classi c, Capitol Records will be re-issuing Pink Floyd's the Dark Side of the Moon on the Super Audio CD (SACD) format. This is much more than an ordinary CD it's actually a Super Audio CD (SACD) that feat ures two disc layers.

Рецензия от издателя

Dark Side of the Moon, originally released in 1973, is one of those albums that is discovered anew by each generation of rock listeners. This complex, often psychedelic music works very well because Pink Floyd doesn't rush anything; the songs are mainly slow to mid-tempo, with attention paid throughout to musical texture and mood. The sound effects on songs like "On the Run," "Time" and especially "Money" (with sampled sounds of clinking coins and cash registers turned into rhythmic accompaniment) are impressive, especially when we remember that 1973 was before the advent of digital recording techniques. This is probably Pink Floyd's best-known work, and it's an excellent place to start if you're new to the band. --Genevieve Williams

Рецензия от издателя

PINK FLOYD Dark Side Of The Moon (2003 UK 40th Anniversary Edition Hybrid SACD [Super Audio CD] playable on all SACD & CD players featuring 10 classic remastered tracks in 5.1 Surround Sound; extensive picture lyric booklet with updated artwork)

Рецензия от издателя

One of the most famous albums of all time, Dark Side of the Moon sold 25 million copies in its first 25 years of release. Dark Side of the Moon was the first album that Pink Floyd decided to break in live before attempting to record, with the debut performance of what they then called Eclipse just over a year before the final release date. When they finally retired to Abbey Road Studios with top sound engineer Alan Parsons, state-of-the-art 16-track recording equipment and the new Dolby technology to hand, it was to produce one of the great pieces of studio art. Covering a range of styles, this was the last album (prior to Roger Waters' departure in the early 1980s) to whose writing the other members of Pink Floyd contributed significantly.

Nevertheless, it remains a stunningly coherent package, bound together by surreal fragments of speech (mostly gleaned from asking questions of the doorman at the studio) and Waters' bold and bleak lyrics. Often reputed to be about former member Syd Barrett's decline into schizophrenia, in fact Waters has said the lyrics "were a lot about ordinariness" and dealt with people's responses to the increasing insanity of the pressures of everyday life. Some of the extraordinary sound effects used came from the most unlikely sources--the coins at the start of "Money" from Waters tossing handfuls of change into an industrial food-mixer that his wife, a potter, used to mix clay. Whatever the medium, a new standard for attention to detail and production values had been set and the world of studio recording would never be the same again. --James Swift

Рецензия от издателя

Dark Side Of The Moon, 1973 veröffentlicht, gehört zu den Platten, die jede nachwachsende Generation wieder aufs neue für sich entdeckt. Diese komplexe, psychedelische Musik funktioniert deshalb so gut, weil Pink Floyd sich alle Zeit der Welt läßt. Die meisten Songs haben langsame bis mittlere Tempi, allergrößter Wert wird auf Stimmung und musikalische Struktur gelegt. Die Soundeffekte auf Songs wie "On The Run", "Time" und ganz besonders auf "Money" (Tonband-Loops von klingenden Münzen und Ladenkassengeklingel, die aufs Feinste in den Beat eingewoben sind), sind umso beeindruckender, wenn man bedenkt, daß im Jahre 1973 die digitale Aufnahmetechnik noch in weiter Ferne lag. Floyds wohl beste Platte und der perfekte Einstieg, für solche, die die Band erst jetzt kennenlernen. --Genevieve Williams

Track Listings

    1. Speak To Me/Breathe
    2. On The Run
    3. Time
    4. The Great Gig In The Sky
    5. Money
    6. Us And Them
    7. Any Colour You Like
    8. Brain Damage
    9. Eclipse

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