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Queen: Forever (Limited Edition Box Set)

Артикул: CDVP 2687013

Состав: 5 LP

Лейбл: Universal Music Group International (UMGI)

Исполнители: Queen 

Жанры: Classic Rock  Pop Rock 

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Record Label: Virgin Style: Rock


A1 Let Me In Your Heart Again 4:35
A2 Love Kills (The Ballad) 4:11
A3 There Must Be More To Life Than This (William Orbit Mix) 3:25
A4 Play The Game 3:14
A5 Dear Friends 1:07
B1 ’re My Best Friend 2:51
B2 Love Of My Life 3:37
B3 Drowse 3:44
B4 You Take My Breath Away 4:38
B5 Spread Your Wings 4:32
C1 Long Away 3:33
C2 Lily Of The Valley 1:40
C3 Don't Try So Hard 3:39
C4 Bijou 3:36
C5 These Are The Days Of Our Lives 4:15
D1 Nevermore 1:19
D2 Las Palabras De Amor (The Words Of Love) 4:31
D3 Who Wants To Live Forever 5:15
D4 I Was Born To Love You 4:49
E1 Somebody To Love 4:52
E2 Crazy Little Thing Called Love 2:43
E3 Friends Will Be Friends 4:07
E4 Jealousy 3:13
F1 One Year Of Love 4:26
F2 A Winter's Tale 3:49
F3 '39 3:30
F4 Mother Love 4:46
G1 It's A Hard Life 4:09
G2 Save Me 3:48
G3 Made In Heaven 5:25
G4 Too Much Love Will Kill You 4:20
H1 Sail Away Sweet Sister 3:33
H2 The Miracle 5:01
H3 Is This The World We Created...? 2:13
H4 In The Lap Of The Gods...Revisited 3:44
H5 Forever 3:20
Bonus Disc
I1 Let Me In Your Heart Again (William Orbit Mix) 6:41