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BRIGHTMAN, SARAH - Live From Las Vegas

Артикул: CDVP 280371

Состав: 2 DVD

Состояние: Новое. Заводская упаковка.

Дата релиза: 01-01-2004

Лейбл: EMI Records

Жанры: Electronic  Rock 



DVD1-01 In Chains 7:24
DVD1-02 Wrong 3:25
DVD1-03 Hole To Feed 4:32
DVD1-04 Walking In My Shoes 6:33
DVD1-05 It's No Good 5:30
DVD1-06 A Question Of Time 4:37
DVD1-07 Precious 4:54
DVD1-08 Fly On The Windscreen 5:40
DVD1-09 Jezebel 4:26
DVD1-10 Home 5:38
DVD1-11 Come Back 6:03
DVD1-12 Policy Of Truth 5:18
DVD1-13 In Your Room 5:40
DVD1-14 I Feel You 6:47
DVD1-15 Enjoy The Silence 6:38
DVD1-16 Never Let Me Down Again/Break 8:22
DVD1-17 Dressed In Black 3:55
DVD1-18 Stripped 5:18
DVD1-19 Behind The Wheel 5:11
DVD1-20 Personal Jesus 7:02
DVD1-21 Waiting For The Night/Credits 7:23
Bonus Tracks
DVD1-22 World In My Eyes 5:18
DVD1-23 Sister Of Night 5:42
DVD1-24 Miles Away/The Truth Is 4:18
DVD1-25 One Caress 3:52
DVD2-01 'Most People Just Worry About Hitting The Right Note.' - Inside The Universe 35:30
Tour Of The Universe/Screens
DVD2-02 In Chains 6:52
DVD2-03 Walking In My Shoes 6:12
DVD2-04 Precious 4:46
DVD2-05 Come Back 5:52
DVD2-06 Policy Of Truth 5:07
DVD2-07 Enjoy The Silence 6:46
DVD2-08 Personal Jesus 4:51
Tour Of The Universe/Rehearsals
DVD2-09 Wrong 3:36
DVD2-10 Walking In My Shoes 6:18
DVD2-11 Insight/Live 4:41
DVD2-12 Hole To Feed/Live Screen Montage 4:04
DVD2-13 Behind The Wheel/Barcelona Montage 5:15
DVD2-14 Never Let Me Down Again/Live Screen Montage 6:50
Sounds Of The Universe/Videos
DVD2-15 Wrong 3:24
DVD2-16 Peace 3:59
DVD2-17 Hole To Feed 4:17
DVD2-18 Fragile Tension 3:43

В создании релиза участвовали

Daniel Simmons (3) Artwork [Digital]
Anton Corbijn Artwork [Front Cover Symbol Based On Original Design By]
Kim Hiorthøy Artwork [Front Cover Symbol]
P.A. Taylor Design [Package]
ShaughnessyWorks Design [Package]
Christian Eigner Drums
Catherine Marks Edited By [Protools Editing And Mix Assistance]
Dan Goudie Edited By [Protools Editing And Mix Assistance]
David Loudoun Edited By [Protools Editing And Mix Assistance]
Joe Adams (3) Edited By [Protools Editing And Mix Assistance]
John Catlin Edited By [Protools Editing And Mix Assistance]
Caitlin Cresswell Engineer [Recording Technical Engineers]
Chris Goddard Engineer [Recording Technical Engineers]
David Loudoun Engineer [Recording Technical Engineers]
Anton Corbijn Film Director
Russell Thomas (2) Film Director
Jim Parsons Film Producer
Peter Gordeno Keyboards
Jonathan Kessler Management
J.D. Fanger Management [Depeche Mode Office]
Simon Heyworth Mastered By
Antony King Mixed By
Christian Eigner Mixed By
Kerry Hopwood Mixed By
Kevin Paul Mixed By
Andrew Fletcher Performer [Depeche Mode]
Dave Gahan Performer [Depeche Mode]
Martin L. Gore Performer [Depeche Mode]
Anne Carruthers Producer [Audio Co-ordination & Production]
MJ (3) Producer [Audio Co-ordination & Production]
Kerry Hopwood Programmed By
William Shapland Recorded By
Andrew Phillpott Written-By
Christian Eigner Written-By
Dave Gahan Written-By
Martin L. Gore Written-By