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THE EXPLOSION - The Explosion

Артикул: CDVP 2919449

Состав: 1 LP

Состояние: Новое. Заводская упаковка.

Дата релиза: 23-10-2015

Following the long tradition of those trying to lift spirits by the means of pure and bright sounds, there is The Explosion – a trio whose name reflects so accurately the radiant modus operandi as well as the effusion that must have surrounded the smooth recording process of their first album. Founded in the wake of the project of live reworks of the great minimalist manitou Terry Riley, executed by Gilbert Cohen aka “Gilb’R“, half of Château Flight and crew leader of Versatile Records (machines, production), Fabrizio Rat (piano, synthesizer) and Giani Caserotto (guitar) of Cabaret Contemporain, The Explosion has shaped its identity opting for nightly sessions, improvised around synthesizer patterns and sequences, with the idea of developing – at length – landscapes in which to get lost and to get reinvented again. Right from the first track, a tribute to Duke Ellington, the listener knows that he has set foot into a place where there is room to unwind and re-energize. Other references shine through as well: the Frippertronics of bends and echoes of Robert Fripp come to mind, if possible in duet with Brian Eno, thanks to the ingenious guitar play of Caserotto. The inviting labyrinths of Terry Riley, whose special musical idiom initiated the interaction between the fellows of The Explosion. Or the post-rock of the Canadian supergroup Godspeed You! Black Emperor, that remains unmatched in the art of perpetual ascension. And finally, there are the beautiful dreamlike themes of maestros Morricone or De Roubaix, and, more recently, the ambient school and the arty side of techno, for example Wolfgang Voigt for his Gas or Studio 1 projects. For The Explosion, the use of specific musical forms is of less importance than developing atmospheres, materials, intensities, as if making travel proposals to the listener over and over. After all, what counts is not the treasure at the end of the quest, but the quest itself. Whether they handle the piano, echoing pedals or synth modules, the three members of The Explosion share one aim: to capture the finest vibrations, the most beautiful tones produced by their instruments, to create a captivating journey and to carry the listener as far away as he wants to go – in the depths of his own psyche Record Label: Versatile Style: Electronic