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Borodin Quartet - Russian Chamber Music

Артикул: CDVP 3726540

Состав: 15 CD

Состояние: Новое. Заводская упаковка.

Дата релиза: 18-09-2020

Лейбл: Warner Classics UK

Оркестры/Хоры: Borodin Quartet / Квартет имени Бородина 

Жанры: Classical 

The musical voice of Russia: The Borodin Quartet with recordings of Shostakovich, Borodin and Tchaikovsky. The Borodin Quartet was founded in Moscow in 1945 and maintains a distinctive tradition in the interpretation of Russian chamber music. Over the decades its members - all of whom were trained at the Moscow Conservatory - have inevitably changed, but the ensemble's identity has remained intact, and its philosophy and aesthetics have always embodied a very special musical culture. The quartet's close association with Dmitri Shostakovich has gone down in history, and its chamber music works are at the heart of this box, which also features music by a number of other Russian composers of the 19th and 20th centuries, including Borodin, Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky.