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Candice Gordon - Garden Of Beasts

Артикул: CDVP 3349116

Состав: 1 CD

Дата релиза: 01-01-2017

Жанры: Кантри  Рок  Фолк 

Having previously recorded an EP with punk legend and hellraiser Shane MacGowan, Candice Gordon is set to release her debut full length album ‘Garden of Beasts’ on the 3rd March 2017 via Proper Octopus Records. Produced by labelmate A.S. Fanning, and mixed by Ingo Krauss (Swans, Iggy and the Stooges), the album was recorded in a country house in Ireland and at the legendary Funkhaus in Berlin. It presents a rich and brooding sonic landscape constructed using a variety of synthetic and natural instruments from Moogs to flutes, and Gordon even plays a one-string Kazakh instrument at times. “Garden of Beasts is inspired by moving to Berlin and facing the very dark and heavy history that is visible and inescapable everywhere in the city. The second world war and the Holocaust feels very real and close here. It’s an exploration of human nature, the hubris of identity, dispossession, and the conflict between the allure of savagery and the desperation for salvation from that.” explains Candice. Record Label: Record Jet Style: Rock