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DEPECHE MODE - A Broken Frame

Артикул: CDVP 045863

Состав: 2 (CD + DVD)

Состояние: Новое. Заводская упаковка.

Дата релиза: 01-01-2009

Лейбл: Mute Artists Ltd (Goodtogo)

Исполнители: Depeche Mode / Depeche Mode 

Жанры: Synth-pop 



CD-1 Leave In Silence 4:52
CD-2 My Secret Garden 4:46
CD-3 Monument 3:15
CD-4 Nothing To Fear 4:19
CD-5 See You 4:35
CD-6 Satellite 4:43
CD-7 The Meaning Of Love 3:07
CD-8 A Photograph Of You 3:04
CD-9 Shouldn't Have Done That 3:12
CD-10 The Rainfall 5:06
A Short Film
DVD-1 Depeche Mode : 1982 (The Beginning Of Their So-called Dark Phase) 27:09
A Broken Frame In 5.1 And Stereo
DVD-2 Leave In Silence 4:52
DVD-3 My Secret Garden 4:46
DVD-4 Monument 3:15
DVD-5 Nothing To Fear 4:19
DVD-6 See You 4:35
DVD-7 Satellite 4:43
DVD-8 The Meaning Of Love 3:07
DVD-9 A Photograph Of You 3:04
DVD-10 Shouldn't Have Done That 3:12
DVD-11 The Sun And The Rainfall 5:06
Live In Hammersmith, October 1982 In 5.1 And Stereo
DVD-12 My Secret Garden 7:32
DVD-13 See You 4:10
DVD-14 Satellite 4:22
DVD-15 Nothing To Fear 4:28
DVD-16 The Meaning Of Love 3:13
DVD-17 A Photograph Of You 3:31
Additional Tracks
DVD-18 Now, This Is Fun 3:27
DVD-19 Oberkorn (It's A Small Town) 4:09
DVD-20 Excerpt From: My Secret Garden 3:17

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