2 миллиона музыкальных записей на Виниле, CD и DVD


Артикул: CDVP 020731

Состав: 1 CD

Состояние: Новое. Заводская упаковка.

Дата релиза: 01-01-2000

Лейбл: Decca Music Group Ltd.

Жанры: Electronic  Stage & Screen 

Музыка к фильму Гладиатор.


1 Progeny 2:15
2 The Wheat 1:03
3 The Battle 10:02
4 Earth 3:02
5 Sorrow 1:26
6 To Zucchabar 3:16
7 Patricide 4:08
8 The Emperor Is Dead 1:21
9 The Might Of Rome 5:18
10 Strength And Honor 2:10
11 Reunion 1:14
12 Slaves To Rome 1:00
13 Barbarian Horde 10:33
14 Am I Not Merciful? 6:33
15 Elysium 2:41
16 Honor Him 1:20
17 Now We Are Free 4:14

В создании релиза участвовали

Penny Bennett Art Direction
Klaus Badelt Composed By [Additional Music], Arranged By [Additional]
Hans Zimmer Composed By [Music Composed By], Arranged By
Lisa Gerrard Composed By [Music Composed By], Arranged By
Gavin Greenaway Conductor [Score Conducted By]
Tonia Davall Contractor [Music Contractor]
Maggie Rodford Coordinator [London Music Coordinator - At Air Edel & Associates, Ltd.]
Lainie Handelman Coordinator [Package Coordination]
Thanne Tangel Coordinator [Package Coordination]
Kristen Turner Coordinator [Soundtrack Coordination]
Randy Dry Coordinator [Soundtrack Coordination]
Tony Stanton Copyist [Music Preparation]
Björn Ramberg Design [For Skouras Design]
Djivan Gasparyan Duduk
Alan Meyerson Edited By [Music Editor]
Dashiell Rae Edited By [Temp Music Editor]
Jake Jackson Engineer [Assistant - For Air Studios]
Nick Wollage Engineer [Assistant - For Air Studios]
Bruno Roussel Engineer [Assistant - For Media Ventures]
Gregg Silk Engineer [Assistant - For Media Ventures]
Kevin Globerman Engineer [Assistant - For Media Ventures]
Hans Zimmer Executive-Producer
Christopher Roberts Executive-Producer [Chairman, Universal Classics Group]
Todd Homme Executive-Producer [Executive In Charge Of Music For Dream Works Pictures]
Pietro Scalia Executive-Producer [Soundtrack]
Ridley Scott Executive-Producer [Soundtrack]
Heitor Pereira Guitar
Gavyn Wright Leader
James Dooley (2) Management [Assistants To Hans Zimmer]
Michael Alexander (5) Management [Assistants To Hans Zimmer]
Moanike'ala Nakamoto Management [Assistants To Hans Zimmer]
Gretchen O'Neal Management [Business Affairs]
Lenny Wohl Management [Business Affairs]
Thomas Broderick Management [Media Ventures Studio Manager]
Hans Zimmer Music By
Lisa Gerrard Music By
Justin Burnett Musical Assistance [Technical Score Advisors]
Marc Streitenfeld Musical Assistance [Technical Score Advisors]
The Lyndhurst Orchestra Orchestra [Score Performed By]
Bruce Fowler (3) Orchestrated By
Elizabeth Finch Orchestrated By
Jack Smalley Orchestrated By
Ladd McIntosh Orchestrated By
Walt Fowler Orchestrated By
Yvonne S. Moriarty Orchestrated By
Jaap Buitendijk Photography By
Hans Zimmer Producer [Score Produced By]
Klaus Badelt Producer [Score Produced By]
Slamm Andrews Recorded By [Additional]
Alan Meyerson Recorded By, Mixed By
Anthony Pleeth Soloist [Solo], Cello
Maurice Murphy Soloist [Solo], Trumpet
Adam Smalley Supervised By [Music Supervisor]
Lisa Gerrard Vocals