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GLOOMY GRIM - The Grand Hammering

Артикул: CDVP 252894

Состав: CD/DVD

Дата релиза: 01-01-2006

Лейбл: Holy Records

Titled 'The Grand Hammering', the new album will come with a bonus DVD featuring 'all kind of stuff' filmed since the band's inception, including a road movie, video clips, and a 'making of' for the new album etc. Style: Metal


CD-1 Intro 0:48
CD-2 Come If You Dare 5:28
CD-3 Lucifers Hammer 5:55
CD-4 Tomorrow Might Not Come 5:01
CD-5 Prelude To War 1:34
CD-6 Corps Of Doom 4:32
CD-7 Nothing, But Hate 5:04
CD-8 Bloody Grim 3:39
CD-9 Living Dead 4:13
CD-10 Bedtime Story 3:46
DVD Audio Part - Demos From "The Grand Hammering"
DVD-1 Come If You Dare
DVD-2 Lucifers Hammer
DVD-3 Tomorrow Might Not Come
DVD-4 Corps Of Doom
DVD-5 Nothing, But Hate
DVD-6 Bloody Grim
DVD-7 Living Dead
DVD-8 Bedtime Story
Live Videos
DVD-9 Chainsaw Blast
DVD-10 Mistress Of The Stormblast
DVD-11 War
DVD-12 Tour 2000 Part 1
DVD-13 Tour 2000 Part 2
DVD-14 Tour 2000 Part 3
Promo Videos
DVD-15 Born In Fire
DVD-16 Asylum
DVD-17 Children Of The Underworld
Studio Sessions
DVD-18 Studio Session 2004