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MITCHELL, JONI - Through Yellow Curtains (The Second Fret

Артикул: CDVP 2121891

Состав: 2 CD

Состояние: Новое. Заводская упаковка.

Композиторы: Mitchell, Joni / Митчел Джони 

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The performances contained on this release are probably among the earliest documented performances from Joni Mitchell which were captured at the celebrated Second Fret Club in Philadelphia. Joni Mitchell performed at the club a number of times between 1966 and 1968 and these performances were recorded for later transmission on a local radio station. They were once more broadcast in part during the 1980's as part of a Joni Mitchell radio documentary. The first disc comes from a performance in 1966 and includes many songs that would eventually appear on future Joni Mitchell albums and also songs that had been covered by other people such as "The Circle Game" and "Both Sides Now". The second disc is made up of performances again at the Second Fret Club with the first seven tracks coming from an engagement in March 1967. The next five tracks are from a further engagement some nine months later in December 1967 and like the first disc these two performances feature songs that would appear on later Joni Mitchell albums and songs that had been covered by others such as Chelsea Morning. The final track comes from a radio broadcast in late 1967 and features Joni performing a cover of the Neil Young song Sugar Mountain. Whilst the quality of this performance sonically is not up to the standard of the previous tracks we felt it important to include due to its rarity Record Label: Troubadour Style: Folk


Second Fret 17th November 1966
1-1 Little Green 6:17
1-2 Marcie 5:58
1-3 London Bridge 5:43
1-4 Ballerina Valerie 2:08
1-5 Michael From Mountains 4:39
1-6 Go Tell The Drummer Man 3:05
1-7 I Don't Know Where I Stand 3:35
1-8 Brandy Eyes 2:39
1-9 Winter Lady 4:27
1-10 Mr. Blue 3:49
1-11 Urge For Going 6:06
1-12 Both Sides Now 4:05
1-13 The Circle Game 5:06
1-14 Morning Morgantown 3:32
1-15 (Born) To Take The Highway 4:01
1-16 Eastern Rain 5:27
1-17 Song To A Seagull 4:28
1-18 Night In The City 3:33
Second Fret March 17th 1967
2-1 Introduction 0:13
2-2 Morning Morgantown 3:35
2-3 (Born) To Take The Highway 4:21
2-4 Eastern Rain 4:42
2-5 The Circle Game 7:38
2-6 Song To A Seagull 5:43
2-7 Carnival In Kenora 2:59
Second Fret December 10th 1967
2-8 Night In The City 3:35
2-9 Come To The Sunshine 4:06
2-10 Chelsea Morning 3:12
2-11 Conversation 5:42
2-12 I Had A King 3:58
Radio Session 1967
2-13 Sugar Mountain 3:40