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Фирма Hydrogen Dukebox

Hydrogen Dukebox
2 (1 LP + 1 CD)
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Vinyl, LP

Фирма: Hydrogen Dukebox

Артикул: CDVP 642162

1 CD
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new album from Lee Norris, who produces since 15 yeras under diverse pseudonyms: Man-Q-Neon, Metamatics, Nacht Plank or as Norken, his most known alias, under which he has released four albums so far. Dan Marco is a collaboration with the studio-technicia

Фирма: Hydrogen Dukebox

Артикул: CDVP 257370

1 LP
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Deluxe Reissue of the Electronica classic -Neo Ouija- (1998) by the British producer Lee Anthony Jude Norris aka Metamatics (Norken, Nachtplank) on clear vinyl with updated artwork by the original graphic artist Chris Thompson. Noris -stimulated rather than dancefloors (O-tone), Brian Eno, Gary Numan, and Depeche Mode were closer than his contemporary colleagues 20 years ago and had a significant influence on other artists like Radiohead and Laurent Garnier. Record Label: Hydrogen Dukebox Style: Electronic

Фирма: Hydrogen Dukebox

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