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Pink Floyd - The Wall (DVD)

Носитель: DVD

Носитель: 1 DVD

Pink Floyd - The Wall (DVD)


Каталожный номер: CDVP 040236

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Носитель:1 DVD
Год выпуска:1982
ИсполнительPink Floyd
ЖанрProg Rock+ Psychedelic Rock+ Symphonic Rock
ФирмаSony-BMG Россия
Длительность:95 минут
Вес:0.1 кг
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1 The Wall  
2 The Other Side Of The Wall  
3 Retrospective  

Companies, etc.

  • Published By – ООО «СР Дистрибуция»
  • Distributed By – ООО «СР Дистрибуция»


Deluxe DVD edition featuring: 
-New Hi Definition film transfer from the original wide screen interpositive 
-Previously unreleased film footage 
-Remastered 5.1 Dolby Digital and Sorround Encoded PCM Stereo Soundtrack from the original master tapes 

The Other Side Of Wall – a 25 minute documentary about the making of the film - Running commentary from Roger Waters and Gerald Scarfe. 

Retrospective - a new 45 min documentary with interviews with Roger Waters, Gerald Scarfe, Alan Parker, Peter Biziou, Alan Marshall and James Guthrie. 

-Original film trailer and production stills 
-Newly designed interactive menus 
-Subtitles, scene/song selection, and secret buttons 
-Technical Sound System Set Up Guide 

"The story of THE WALL is told simply with the music of Pink Floyd, images and natural effects. There is no conventional dialogue to progress the narrative. Our story is about Pink, a Rock and Roll performer, who sits locked in a hotel room, somewhere in Los Angeles. Too many shows, too much dope, too much applause: a burned out case. On the TV, an all too familiar war film flickers on the screen. We shuffle time and place, reality and nightmare as we venture into Pink's painful memories, each on a "brick" in the wall he has gradually built around his feelings. Slowly he withdraws from the real world and slips further into his nightmare as he imagines himself as unfeeling demagogue, for whom all that is left is the demonstration of power over his unthinking audience, the culmination of the odious excess of his own world and the world around him. His internal self trial follows, as the witnesses of his past life, the very people who have contributed to the building of the wall, come forward and testify against him." – Alan Parker 

Количество слоев : DVD-9 (2 слоя) 
Региональный код : 5 
Формат изображения : Anamorphic WideScreen 2.35:1 
Звуковые дорожки : Английский Dolby Digital 5.1 
Субтитры : Английский / Испанский / Французский

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