2 миллиона музыкальных записей на Виниле, CD и DVD


Артикул: CDVP 205270

EAN: 3460503669024

Состав: 1 CD

Состояние: Новое. Заводская упаковка.

Дата релиза: 01-01-2006

Лейбл: Dreyfus Jazz

Исполнители: Avitabile, Franck / Avitabile, Franck 

Жанры: Contemporary Jazz 

To write' as Cocteau said' is an act of love. If it is not, then it is only writing. » Franck Avitabile is well-known for his passion for classical music and his ability to cross it with Jazz. With influences from Debussy, Ravel, Brahms to Chopin and resp


1 Arabesque
2 Childhood Memory
3 Reverso
4 Twisted Nerve
5 Cat Tale
6 The Third Eye
7 French Song
8 Medley
9 Little Monkey
10 Rhapsody
11 Inside Out
12 Rolling
13 There Is No Greater Love
14 Musings
15 Shortly, After Midnight
16 The Twilight Hours
17 On Walking
18 Over The Rainbow