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Fado Soulto is the result of Miguel Granja's fado interpretation. The author and singer has kept little from the original fado but the particular way of singing and fados (and his) mother tongue. The quintett "Fado Afoito" is composed by: Armin Mostaed (double bass); Chris Melchers (guitar); Gilly Alfeo (accordion); Güntug Eren (percussion); Miguel Granja (vocals). The album title, "Fado Afoito" means as much as courageous or daring fado. Courageous/daring because it breaks up with the tradition, because this progressive fado explores new musicalities and instruments, new musical landscapes. Courageous/daring because Miguel goes beyond the traditional melancholy which is rather transformed in a kind of brave melancholy Record Label: Rookie Style: World Music