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The Cars - Unlocked: The Live Performances (CD + DVD)

Артикул: CDVP 074809

EAN: 5051442776126

Состав: CD

Состояние: Новое. Заводская упаковка.

Дата релиза: 17-06-2008

Лейбл: Warner Off Roster

Исполнители: Cars, The / Карс 

Жанры: New Wave  Pop Rock 

01 Intro
02 My Best Friends Girl
03 I'm In Touch With Your World (Interview)
04 Let's Go
05 The Hotel
06 Gimme Some Slack
07 Tokyo Sound Check
08 Up And Down
09 Just What I Needed
10 Dr. G.
11 Don't Cha Stop
12 Moving In Stereo
13 Through To You (Interview)
14 Candy O
15 You Might Think
16 Drive
17 Nightspot
18 Sound Check
19 Tonight She Comes
20 Magic
21 Shake It Up
22 Good Times Roll

Audio CD:
01 Magic
02 Let's Go
03 Touch And Go
04 Drive
05 My Best Friends Girl
06 Tonight She Comes
07 Moving In Stereo
08 You Might Think
09 Just What I Needed
10 Good Times Roll
11 Hello Again
12 Double Trouble
13 Nightspots
14 Heartbeat City


DVD Sight
DVD-01 Intro
DVD-02 My Best Friends Girl
DVD-03 I'm In Touch With Your World (Interview)
DVD-04 Let's Go
DVD-05 The Hotel
DVD-06 Gimme Some Slack
DVD-07 Tokyo Sound Check
DVD-08 Up And Down
DVD-09 Just What I Needed
DVD-10 Dr. G
DVD-11 Don't Cha Stop
DVD-12 Moving In Stereo
DVD-13 Through To You (Interview)
DVD-14 Candy O
DVD-15 You Might Think
DVD-16 Drive
DVD-17 Nightspots
DVD-18 Sound Check
DVD-19 Tonight She Comes
DVD-20 Magic
DVD-21 Shake It Up
DVD-22 Good Times Roll
Bonus Tracks
DVD-23 Cruiser
DVD-24 Strap Me In
DVD-25 Drive
DVD-26 Touch And Go
DVD-27 Everything You Say
DVD-28 Trailer
CD Sound
CD-01 Magic 4:28
CD-02 Let's Go 3:42
CD-03 Touch And Go 4:59
CD-04 Drive 3:54
CD-05 My Best Friends Girl 3:39
CD-06 Tonight She Comes 3:51
CD-07 Moving In Stereo 4:25
CD-08 You Might Think 3:15
CD-09 Just What I Needed 3:27
CD-10 Good Times Roll 3:34
CD-11 Hello Again 3:58
CD-12 Double Trouble 4:11
CD-13 Nightspots 3:31
CD-14 Heartbeat City 5:26