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Evanescence: The Complete Collection (Limited Box)

Артикул: CDVP 3249251

EAN: 0888072383883

Состав: 6 LP

Состояние: Новое. Заводская упаковка.

Дата релиза: 01-01-2017

Лейбл: Bicycle Music Company, The

Исполнители: Evanescence / Evanescence 

Жанры: Alternative Rock  Goth Rock  Nu Metal 

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Лимитированный бокс-сет со студийными релизами, дебютный демо-альбом с оригинальными версиями и винил с Б-сайдами.(6LP) + 52-страничная книга. Vinyl, LP, Album, 180g Vinyl, LP, Album, 180g 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, 180g Vinyl, LP, Album, 180g Vinyl, LP, Compilation, 180g Box Set, Compilation


A1 Origin 0:33
A2 Whisper 3:57
A3 Imaginary 3:32
A4 My Immortal 4:26
A5 Where Will You Go 3:48
A6 Field Of Innocence 5:14
B1 Even In Death 4:09
B2 Anywhere 6:04
B3 Lies 3:50
B4 Away From Me 3:31
B5 Eternal 7:20
C1 Going Under 3:35
C2 Bring Me To Life 3:57
C3 Everybody`s Fool 3:16
C4 My Immortal 4:24
C5 Haunted 3:07
C6 Tourniquet 4:38
D1 Imaginary 4:18
D2 Talking Over Me 3:50
D3 Hello 3:40
D4 My Last Breath 4:07
D5 Whisper 5:27
The Open Door
E1 Sweet Sacrifice 3:05
E2 Call Me When You´re Sober 3:34
E3 Weight Of The World 3:37
E4 Lithium 3:44
F1 Cloud Nine 4:22
F2 Snow White Queen 4:22
F3 Lacrymosa 3:37
G1 Like You 4:16
G2 Lose Control 4:50
G3 The Only One 4:40
H1 Your Star 4:43
H2 All That I´m Living For 3:48
H3 Good Enough 5:31
I1 What You Want 3:41
I2 Made Of Stone 3:34
I3 The Change 3:42
I4 My Heart Is Broken 4:29
I5 The Other Side 4:05
I6 Erase This 3:55
J1 Lost In Paradise 4:43
J2 Sick 3:30
J3 The End Of The Dream 3:49
J4 Oceans 3:38
J5 Never Go Back 4:27
J6 Swimming Home 3:44
Lost Whispers
K1 Lost Whispers 0:59
K2 Even In Death (2016 Version) 4:22
K3 Missing 4:16
K4 Farther Away 3:59
K5 Breathe No More 3:49
K6 If You Don´t Mind 2:57
L1 Together Again 3:19
L2 The Last Song I´m Wasting On You 4:07
L3 A New Way To Bleed 3:46
L4 Say You Will 3:43
L5 Disappear 3:07
L6 Secret Door 3:54