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Victor Herbert (1859-1924) - The Red Mill

Артикул: CDVP 050796

EAN: 0034061049227

Состав: CD

Состояние: Новое. Заводская упаковка.

Дата релиза: 18-12-2001


Исполнители: Victor Herbert (1859-1924) / Victor Herbert (1859-1924) 

Композиторы: Herbert, Victor August / Герберт Виктор Огаст 

Дирижеры: Thompson J. Lynn / Томпсон Дж. Линн 

Жанры: Operette  Опера, интермедия, серената 



1 Act One: Overture (Disc 01)
2 Chorus: By The Side Of The Mill
3 Dialog: My Help
4 Song/Chorus: I'll Tell You All (Mignonette)
5 Dialog: Good Morning, Willem
6 Duet: You Can Tell
7 Dialog: This Is The Place
8 Trio: There Isn't Any Word (Whistle It!)
9 Dialog: Say, That Burgomaster!
10 Duit: When My Heart (The Isle Of Our Dreams)
11 Dialog: There Are Two Strangers Here
12 Trio: Big Jim (Go While The Going's Good)
13 Dialog: Mister Conner
14 Ensemble: An Accident
15 DIalog: The Doctor Can Wait!
16 Finale: The Day Is Gone
17 Act Two: Interlude (Disc 02)
18 Opening Chorus: Why This Silence?
19 Song: Old King Johann (Legend Of The Mill)
20 Dialog: A Wedding Without A Bride
21 Duet: Look-A Here, John
22 Dialog: Christian! Gretchen!
23 Duet: Moonbeams Shining
24 Dialog: Back To The Main Hall
25 Song: Although I'm But (If You Love But Me)
26 Song: I Should Like (Every Day Is Ladies' Day)
27 Dialog: Your Excellency!
28 Duet: Love Is A Queer Elfin (Because You're You)
29 Dialog: Here He Comes!
30 Trio: In Old New York
31 CHorus: We Come (The Wedding Chorus)
32 Dialog: Your Excellency!
33 Finale: In Old New York


1) Фрагменты не являются трек-листом и носят ознакомительный характер

2) Качество представленных фрагментов уступает оригиналу