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Queen: Made In Heaven - Deluxe Edition (2011 Remaster)

Артикул: CDVP 152316

Состав: 2 CD

Состояние: Новое. Заводская упаковка.

Дата релиза: 01-01-2011

Лейбл: Island Records Group

Жанры: Rock 

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This grouping gathers together all versions of the "Made in Heaven" album as well as subsequent repressings and bootleg versions. "Made in Heaven" is the group's fifteenth and final studio album, released on 5. November 1995. After Freddie Mercury's death in 1991, the remaining members revisited leftover material and added new music together with the final vocals Mercury recorded before he passed away. Original European 1995 CD versions exist in numerous versions with small differences. Most differences are interchangeable -- the exact release you own might possibly not be in the database yet. Key to determine your version: - Versions exist with a CD tray featuring six embossed 'Q' logos on the spine. Legitimate versions with a standard CD tray also exist. - Versions exist with the white or black (both exist) 'Made In Heaven' logo printed on the plastic front case in (cat# ending with '...2 3'). Also versions exist with the white 'Made In Heaven' logo printed on the front of the paper booklet (cat# ending with '...2 9'). - Versions exist with rights society 'bel BIEM' and with rights society 'BIEM S.I.A.E.' (last one usually being Italian). - Versions exist with printing on the disc 'Made in U.K.', 'Made in Holland', 'Made in Germany' and 'Made in Italy' (last one usually being Italian). - Versions exist with printing on the backsleeve 'Printed in U.K.', 'Printed in Holland' and 'Printed in Italy' (last one usually being Italian). - Versions exist with matrix 'EMI SWINDON', 'EMI UDEN' and 'SONOPRESS'. - Some versions include a free badge (usually containing a promotional sticker on the frontcase). - Some versions included a small Queen catalogue booklet (cat# 'QUEENCAT 1').


1-1 It's A Beautiful Day 2:34
1-2 Made In Heaven 5:24
1-3 Let Me Live 4:45
1-4 Mother Love 4:49
1-5 My Life Has Been Saved 3:15
1-6 I Was Born To Love You 4:49
1-7 Heaven For Everyone 5:36
1-8 Too Much Love Will Kill You 4:20
1-9 You Don't Fool Me 5:24
1-10 A Winter's Tale 3:50
1-11 It's A Beautiful Day (Reprise) 3:00
1-12 Yeah 0:04
1-13 Untitled 22:34
Bonus EP
2-1 Heaven For Everyone (Single Version) 4:41
2-2 It's A Beautiful Day (B-Side Version) 3:59
2-3 My Life Has Been Saved (1989 B-Side Version) 3:16
2-4 I Was Born To Love You (Vocal & Piano Version) 2:56
2-5 Rock In Rio Blues (Live B-Side) 4:34
2-6 A Winter's Tale (Cosy Fireside Mix) 3:49
Made In Heaven — пятнадцатый и последний студийный альбом рок-группы «Queen», выпущен 6 ноября 1995 года. После смерти Фредди Меркьюри в 1991 остальные три члена группы: Брайан Мэй, Роджер Тейлор и Джон Дикон использовали записи голоса Фредди Меркьюри в создании последнего альбома Queen. Некоторые песни из альбома были уже знакомы публике, но инструментальные партии Брайана, Джона и Роджера были полностью переработаны.

В создании релиза участвовали

Freddie Mercury
Catherine Porter
Gary Martin (2)
Miriam Stockley
Rebecca Leigh-White
Brian May
Roger Taylor
Elizabeth Lamers
Frank Musker