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Arcade Fire - We

Артикул: CDVP 3796169

EAN: 0194399712214

Состав: 1 LP

Состояние: Новое. Заводская упаковка.

Дата релиза: 06-05-2022


Исполнители: Arcade Fire / Arcade Fire 

Жанры: Alternative Rock  Electronic  Indie Rock  Pop  Rock  Rockabilly  Rock Opera  Rock & Roll  Rocksteady 

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A1 Age Of Anxiety I
A2 Age Of Anxiety II (Rabbit Hole)
End Of The Empire I-IV
A3.I Last Dance
A3.II Last Round
A3.III Leave The Light On
A3.IV Sagittarius A
B1 The Lightning I,II
B2 Unconditional I (Lookout Kid)
B3 Unconditional II (Race And Religion)
B4 We

В создании релиза участвовали

Andre Michot Accordion
Romeo Bougere Agogô [Bell]
Camille Pajot Art Direction [Production For JR (Studio Art Director)]
Wes Winship Artwork [Acropolis Is Burning Poster]
EHT Collaboration Artwork [Black Hole Image]
Pneuhaus Artwork [Giant Eye]
Chroma Center Artwork [Photo Printing & Post-production]
Rick Rose (3) Artwork [Production For JR (Digitech)]
Marc Azoulay Artwork [Production For JR (Producer)]
Don Hertzfeldt Artwork [Still From World Of Tomorrow Episode 2: The Burden Of Other People's Thoughts]
Eric Heigle Co-producer
Sally Herbert Conductor, Arranged By [Additional]
Willonson Duprate Congas
Orlando Primo Congas, Djembe
JR (43) Cover [Image], Artwork ["WE" Poster Image"], Photography By
Fabien Barrau Cover [Production For JR (Cover Image Photo Post-production)]
Julia Simpson Creative Director [Album Creative Production]
Gift Horst Tintypes Design Concept ["WE" Poster Photo Development By]
Paul Beaubrun Effects [Sound FX]
Louis Michot Fiddle
Ping Pong Ping Graphic Design [Album]
Liza Rey Harp
IV (25) Illustration ["I Guy" Character], Lettering [Handwriting]
Terry Pastor Image Editor [Airbrush Color Tinting]
Ryan Smith (2) Lacquer Cut By
Greg Calbi Mastered By
Steve Fallone Mastered By
Ryan Smith (2) Mastered By [Vinyl Mastering]
Craig Silvey Mixed By
Nigel Godrich Mixed By
Dani Bennett-Spragg Mixed By [Assisted By]
Mikko Gordon Mixed By [Assisted By]
Régine Chassagne Music By
Win Butler Music By
Owen Pallett Orchestrated By [Orchestral Arrangements By], Arranged By [Orchestral Arrangements By]
Régine Chassagne Orchestrated By [Orchestral Arrangements By], Arranged By [Orchestral Arrangements By]
Jeremy Gara Performer
Richard Reed Parry Performer
Régine Chassagne Performer
Timothy Kingsbury Performer
William Butler Performer
Win Butler Performer
JF Lalonde Photography By [Additional]
Maria Jose Govea Photography By [Additional]
Alison Green (2) Photography By [Center Image & Polaroids]
Danny Clinch Photography By [David Bowie Photograph]
Arcade Fire Presenter [Presents]
Nigel Godrich Producer
Régine Chassagne Producer
Win Butler Producer
Geoff Barrow Producer [Additional]
J. Tillman Producer [Additional]
Mikko Gordon Producer [Additional]
Steve Mackey Producer [Pre-production]
Emily Eck Recorded By
Eric Heigle Recorded By
Mikko Gordon Recorded By
James Seymour (2) Recorded By [Additional Recording]
Julia Simpson (3) Recorded By [Additional Recording]
Mark Lawson (2) Recorded By [Additional Recording]
Owen Pallett Recorded By [Additional Recording]
Suvi-Eeva Äikäs Recorded By [Additional Recording]
Felipe Gutierrez (4) Recorded By [Assisted By]
Francesca Edwards Recorded By [Assisted By]
Jerry Ordonez Recorded By [Assisted By]
Joy Stacey (2) Recorded By [Assisted By]
Justin Tocket Recorded By [Assisted By]
Marco Ramirez Recorded By [Assisted By]
Matt Aguiluz Recorded By [Assisted By]
Nathanael Graham Recorded By [Assisted By]
Pablo Godin Recorded By [Assisted By]
Charlie Gabriel Saxophone
J. Tillman Stomp Box [Stomps], Voice [Breaths]
Chris Worsey Strings
Everton Nelson Strings
Harry Hardin Strings
Helen Gillet Strings
Ian Burdge Strings
John Metcalfe Strings
Louisa Fuller Strings
Lucy Wilkins Strings
Marianne Haynes Strings
Matt Rhody Strings
Natalia Bonner Strings
Oliver Langford Strings
Owen Pallett Strings
Rachel Robson Strings
Richard George Strings
Sarah Neufeld Strings
Tom Pigott-Smith Strings
Michael Brun Synthesizer [Additional Synthesis]
Geoff Barrow Synthesizer [Granular Synthesis]
Mark Braud Trumpet
Wendell Brunious Trumpet
Michèle Deslauriers Voice [Prochaine Station Sample]
William Butler Written-By [Additional]
Régine Chassagne Written-By [Music Written By]
Win Butler Written-By [Music Written By]