2 миллиона музыкальных записей на Виниле, CD и DVD


1 The Wee Boy In Bed (Larchet/ Shane)
2 Wee Hughie (Larchet/ Shane)
3 A Stoirin Ban (Larchet/ Gregory)
4 An Ardglass Boat Song (Larchet/ Gregory)
5 Padraic The Fiddler (Larchet/ Gregory)
6 Grandeur (Stanford/ Letts)
7 Thief Of The World (Stanford/ Letts)
8 A Soft Day (Stanford/ Letts)
9 Little Peter Morrissey (Stanford/ Letts)
10 The Bold Unbiddable Child (Stanford/ Letts)
11 Irish Skies (Stanford/ Letts)
12 The Fairy Lough (Stanford/ O`Neill)
13 An Irish Lullaby (Stanford/ Graves)
14 The Song Of Glen Dun (Hardebeck/ O`Neill)
15 A Dandlin`Song (Hardebeck/ Gregory)
16 An Old Woman Of The Roads (Victory/ Colum)
17 The Fairy Tree (O`Brien/ Lane)
18 The Little Pets Of Mochua (Nelson/ Irvine)
19 Dirty Work (Nelson/ John O`The North)
20 Oh Dear! What Can The Matter Be? (Trad. Arr. Bax/ Trad.)