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PROTECTOR - Cursed And Coronated (Ltd. Gold Vinyl)

Артикул: CDVP 3138248

Состав: 1 LP

Состояние: Новое. Заводская упаковка.

Дата релиза: 01-01-2016

Лейбл: High Roller Records

gold vinyl, 5c 425gsm heavy cardboard cover, lyric sheet, poster. After their successful return with Reanimated Homunculus, Protector now del Record Label: High Roller Records Style: Metal


Side Urm
A1 Intro / Xenophobia 6:03
A2 Selfdesdrugtion 2:59
A3 Crosses in Carelia 3:57
A4 Cursed And Coronated 4:28
A5 Six Hours On The Cross 3:40
Side Golem
B1 Base 104 3:25
B2 The Dimholt 4:30
B3 To Serve and Protect 4:56
B4 Terra Mater 3:00
B5 The Old Boil 2:37