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Arthur Sullivan* - The Contrabandista, The Foresters

Артикул: CDVP 012056

EAN: 0034571174860

Состав: 1 CD

Состояние: Новое. Заводская упаковка.

Дата релиза: 14-12-2004

Лейбл: Hyperion Uk

Жанры: Classical  Opera  Stage & Screen  Опера, интермедия, серената  Оперетта / Сарсуэла / Мюзикл 

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+The Foresters (or Robin Hood and Maid Marian)


Introduktion (1. Akt)
Duett und Chor: Hush! Not a step
Lied: Let other seek the peaceful plain
Quintett: Hand of fate!
Lied: Only the night wind sighs alone
Duett: A guard by night
Lied: From rock to rock
Trio: Hullo! What's that?
Finale: Hail to the ancient Hat!
Lied: Wake, gentle maiden (2. Akt)
Duett: Let Hidalgos be proud of their breed
Lied: He will return
Trio: Who'd to be Robber-Chief aspire
Lied: I fired each barrel
Finale: Have pit, sir!
Lied: The warrior Earl of Allendale (The bond) (1. Akt)
Lied: Love flew in at the window
Trinklied - Chor: Long live Richard!
Chor: To sleep! to sleep!
Lied: There is no land like England (The flight of Marian) (2. Akt)
Szene: Evil fairy! do you bear?
Lied: By all the deer that spring (The crowning of Marian) (3. Akt)
Lied: The bee buzz'd up in the heat (The conclusion) (4. Akt)
Chor und Tanz: Now the King is home again