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Suzi Quatro - The Rock Box 1973-1979 The Complete Recordings

Артикул: CDVP 3798275

EAN: 5060516097135

Состав: 7 CD, 1 DVD, 1 BoxSet

Состояние: Новое. Заводская упаковка.

Дата релиза: 15-04-2022

Лейбл: Concord

Исполнители: Suzi Quatro / Suzi Quatro 

Жанры: Glam  Pop  Pop Rock  Rock  Soft Rock 

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Suzi Quatro
CD1-1 48 Crash
CD1-2 Glycerine Queen
CD1-3 Shine My Machine
CD1-4 Official Suburbian Superman
CD1-5 I Wanna Be Your Man
CD1-6 Primitive Love
CD1-7 All Shook Up
CD1-8 Sticks & Stones
CD1-9 Skin Tight Skin
CD1-10 Get Back Mamma
CD1-11 Rockin' Moonbeam
CD1-12 Shakin' All Over
Bonus Tracks
CD1-13 Rolling Stone
CD1-14 Brain Confusion (For All The Lonely People)
CD1-15 Ain't Got No Home
CD1-16 Can The Can
CD1-17 Ain't Ya Somethin' Honey
CD1-18 Little Bitch Blue
CD1-19 Daytona Demon
CD1-20 Roman Fingers
CD1-21 Free Electric Band (Studio Take)
CD2-1 The Wild One
CD2-2 Keep A-Knockin'
CD2-3 Too Big
CD2-4 Klondyke Kate
CD2-5 Savage Silk
CD2-6 Move It
CD2-7 Hit The Road Jack
CD2-8 Trouble
CD2-9 Cat Size
CD2-10 Shot Of Rhythm & Blues
CD2-11 Friday
Bonus Tracks
CD2-12 Devil Gate Drive
CD2-13 In The Morning
CD2-14 I Wanna Be Free
CD2-15 The Wild One (Single Version)
CD2-16 Shake My Sugar
CD2-17 Angel Flight
CD2-18 The Wild One (Dry Mix)
Your Mamma Won't Like Me
CD3-1 I Bit Off More Than I Could Chew
CD3-2 Strip Me
CD3-3 Paralysed
CD3-4 Prisoner Of Your Imagination
CD3-5 Your Mamma Won't Like Me
CD3-6 Can't Trust Love
CD3-7 New Day Woman
CD3-8 Fever
CD3-9 You Can Make Me Want You
CD3-10 Michael
Bonus Tracks
CD3-11 Peter, Peter
CD3-12 Red Hot Rosie
CD3-13 I May Be Too Young
CD3-14 Don't Mess Around
CD4-1 Heartbreak Hotel
CD4-2 Don't Break My Heart
CD4-3 Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)
CD4-4 What's It Like To Be Loved
CD4-5 Tear Me Apart
CD4-6 The Honky Tonk Downstairs
CD4-7 Half As Much As Me
CD4-8 Close The Door
CD4-9 American Lady
CD4-10 Wake Up Little Susie
Bonus Tracks
CD4-11 Tear Me Apart
CD4-12 Close Enough To Rock N Roll
CD4-13 Same As I Do
CD4-14 Roxy Roller
CD4-15 I'll Grow On You
CD4-16 Kids Of Tragedy
CD4-17 Miss America (Early Version Of American Lady)
CD4-18 Half As Much As Me (Montreux Version)
CD4-19 Tear Me Apart (Single Version)
Live And Kickin'
CD5-1 The Wild One
CD5-2 The Honky Tonk Downstairs
CD5-3 Heartbreak Hotel
CD5-4 Half As Much As Me
CD5-5 Cat Size
CD5-6 Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)
CD5-7 American Lady
CD5-8 Glycerine Queen
CD5-9 What's It Like To Be Loved
CD5-10 Can The Can
CD5-11 Devil Gate Drive
CD5-12 Roxy Roller
CD5-13 Tear Me Apart
CD5-14 Keep A-Knockin'
If You Knew Suzi...
CD6-1 Don't Change My Luck
CD6-2 Tired Of Waiting
CD6-3 Suicide
CD6-4 Evie
CD6-5 The Race Is On
CD6-6 If You Can't Give Me Love
CD6-7 Breakdown
CD6-8 Non-Citizen
CD6-9 Rock'n Roll Hoochie Coo
CD6-10 Wiser Than You
CD6-11 Stumblin' In
Bonus Tracks
CD6-12 Cream Dream
CD6-13 A Stranger With You
CD6-14 Sweet Little Rock And Roller
CD6-15 Born To Run
CD6-16 Sweet Nothings
Suzi... And Other Four Letter Words
CD7-1 I've Never Been In Love
CD7-2 Mind Demons
CD7-3 She's In Love With You
CD7-4 Hollywood
CD7-5 Four Letter Words
CD7-6 Mama's Boy
CD7-8 Starlight Lady
CD7-9 You Are My Lover
CD7-10 Space Cadets
CD7-11 Love Hurts
The Videos
DVD-1 48 Crash
DVD-2 Can The Can
DVD-3 Tear Me Apart
DVD-4 If You Can't Give Me Love
DVD-5 Stumblin' In
Top Of The Pops
DVD-6 Can The Can
DVD-7 The Wild One
DVD-8 Devil Gate Drive
DVD-9 Tear Me Apart
DVD-10 Roxy Roller
DVD-11 If You Can't Give Me Love
DVD-12 The Race Is On
DVD-13 She's In Love With You
Live In Japan 1975
DVD-14 I May Be Too Love
DVD-15 Cat Size
DVD-16 Your Mamma Won't Like Me
DVD-17 Jailhouse Rock
DVD-18 Glycerine Queen
DVD-19 Can The Can
DVD-20 Devil Gate Drive

В создании релиза участвовали

Glenn Ross Art Direction
Errol Brown Backing Vocals
Patti Quatro Backing Vocals
Sue & Sunny Backing Vocals
Bud Beadle Baritone Saxophone
P. Linard & Co. Ltd. Cover [Art]
Wolfgang Heilemann Cover [Back Photo By]
Gered Mankowitz Cover [Front Photo By]
Gered Mankowitz Cover [Photo by]
Richard Gray (2) Design
Gilmour Design Design [Box]
Toshio Fujiyama Design [Cover]
Alan White Drums
Keith Hodge (2) Drums
Mick Waller Drums
Dave Neal Drums, Backing Vocals, Percussion
Alastair McKenzie Electric Piano, Grand Piano, Mellotron, Backing Vocals, Keyboards
David Tickle Engineer
Kenichi Kosuge Engineer
Pete Coleman Engineer
Gonzalez Featuring
Big Jim Sullivan Guitar
Peter Frampton Guitar
Jamie Crompton Guitar, Backing Vocals
Len Tuckey Guitar, Slide Guitar, Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar
John "Rabbit" Bundrick Keyboards
Bill Hurd Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Mike Deacon Keyboards, Piano, Synthesizer, Backing Vocals
Suzi Quatro Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar, Congas
Phil Kinrade Mastered By
Richard Whittaker Mixed By
Gered Mankowitz Photography By
Kinjiro Miyazaki Photography By
Norman Seeff Photography By
Red Saunders (2) Photography By [Box]
Chinn And Chapman Producer
Mickie Most Producer
Mike Chapman Producer
Suzi Quatro Producer
Liam Donoghue Project Manager [Box]
Phil Kinrade Remastered By
Phil Dennys Strings [Arrangements]
Chris Mercer Tenor Saxophone
Mick Eve Tenor Saxophone
Steve Gregory Tenor Saxophone
Ron Carthy Trumpet